Sunday, November 26, 2006

Oh Jesus . . .

Let the anti-christmas rant begin.
Subdivision bans Christmas wreath with peace sign.
While we're here, let's revistit Drag-Queen Bible Dolls.


codown2earth said...

"...some believe it is a symbol of Satan."

I saw this on WB2 this morning. She should go OddTodd and put up a website with a tip jar to cover the $25/day fine.

Perhaps RNestaM & CreamyCrafter can offer a workshop on How to create a peace sign wreath.

r. nesta m. said...

Thankfully for us the Athmar Park Homeowners Association has their hands full with pork rind vendors and lawn parkers. Our satan wreath has yet to hit their radar.

InfoChef said...

So, the article implies that if your kids are serving in Iraq, then you are opposed to peace. Does that make you in favor of war?