Friday, November 10, 2006

Post Election Wrap Up

Huge props to the ladies of RC. I first have to thank CD2E who not only spent 2 days in the parking lot with me, but also brought much needed Thai Food on Monday. Creamy Crafter and LafayetteLass, serious props to you, as you experienced DHP “in the zone” or as others might call it “crazy bitch”. Seriously, thank you. And also to SNG who lent me her camera.

DHP’s cell phone bit the dust on Wednesday, and I’m now armed with a very fancy, e-mail compatible, camera phone for future organizing events and strange occurrences in the world.

So, election wrap-up. Mixed feelings. Loving being a Dem right now. This can only mean good things for the RC politicos. Ref I failed and we passed a gay marriage ban. That really sucks. I’m feeling pretty positive about the fact that just 14 years after passing Amendment 2 in Colorado that denied Gays & Lesbians basic HUMAN Rights, we were the state with the lowest percentage (55%) for passing a marriage ban, but still.

I’m calling Amendment 41 (The stupid so-called Ethics in Government Initiative) a small victory because it only got 61% of the electorate. When the NO campaign was started, it was polling at 80% yes, so I’ll give you 19 points and raise you a shit-load of lawsuits.

So in the rest of the election wrap-up . . . Yea Democrats (not to offend the DC ladies, but in your face!) Not shocking that Paccione, Fawcett, and Winter lost. This is actually news??? Add Colorado to the Blue State column. We rock.

DHP did her ceremonious Mani/Pedi in Blue just for fun yesterday and turned on another not-so-girlie-girl to the tradition.

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