Sunday, November 12, 2006

This & That

Meltz is now open in the Oriental Theater (44th & Tennyson area). It has great potential but is still working out the kinks.

Thank You for Smoking -as DHP & SNG have previously mentioned- is fabulous.

Going out of business sales: Denver Fabric Annex at 53rd & Sheridan (all fabric .98/yard) and Tower Records in Cherry Creek (30% off).

60 Minutes tonight will be a tribute to Ed Bradley.

Segway inventor, Dean Kamen, was on the Colbert Report last week with an IBot. The IBot is like a scooter/wheelchair of the future.

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InfoChef said...

Thanks for the fabric tip. You'll soon be experiencing the newly covered chairs, which now match the 4th Story cast-off fancy folding chairs, too!

And NancyMartha was sent off with a bolt of upholstry fabric--$12--as her checked luggage this AM.