Saturday, November 18, 2006

Wine Notes

Whoever said librarians were quiet or sticks-in-the-mud didn't attend last week's conference wine tasting dinner, where the presenter was promptly dispelled of any notions he may have had to this effect.

He was a darling retiree (well, still a chemistry professor at CSU-Pomona) who charged nothing but travel/per diem and $6 a head for the 8 wines, Dr. Ernest Simpson.

Here's a simple guide to pairing with foods including ethnic dishes.
I have already purchased the Quady Essensia orange muscat and took home a bottle of the domestic port 'Starboard' from the same maker, as well as ordering both their sweet and dry vermouths. Smitten, you might say.


DenverHotPants said...

Caution: The Quady Essensia orange muscat is very very sweet and results in a bad, nearly instant hang-over.

The rest of the meal was very tasty. Thank you InfoChef!

InfoChef said...

Today I picked up my special orders of the Vya (same maker, Quady) vermouths. Hangover report to come....