Monday, November 27, 2006

Yet another random post

The 15th & Platte Vitamin Cottage is open. The produce and pantry selections are good and most prices are a few cents less than Whole Foods. (Damn Whole Foods Tourist and their sample overhead!) The cheese section is sad, sad, sad. But overall a vegetarian could probably find 90% of their weekly list. The biggest item unchecked on my list: fresh seafood & chicken.

They do not have Pet Promise but do have Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul Dog Food. But don't feel neglected IC, DHP, CC & other Cat caretakers, they also have Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul Cat Food.

Also in the 'hood, North Star Brewery is open. More Mead Street than Duo- a good thing especially on a Friday night when you want good food and a cocktail in a come as you are setting. SNG, JB, & I tried it out on Thanksgiving-eve.

After our Thanksgiving dinner, JB & I caught Stranger than Fiction. It is pretty good.

Argonaut is offering a wine club.

VCR users be warned, Men In Trees is moving to Thursday.

Also, does anyone know what these commercials with the giant foam C that attacks people on the bridge are about? For some reason they remind me of the Steven Baldwin cult radio ads on KTCL. Like they are trying really hard to be something cool.

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DenverHotPants said...

The cat is a strict athiest and will not be consuming christian-based feel good cat food. I have my concerns about Vitamin Cottage. It has the feel of a crazy cult. Some investigation must be done.