Saturday, December 9, 2006

Cheese of the Week

Okay, not really, this is a grocery entry. But, it relates.

Cotija and many other kinds of mexican cheese (e.g. Mennonita, the
Muenster equiv) are $4 a pound--and where can you get any cheese for
$4/lb.? Como se dice <pound>?? Anyway, I'd forgotten about the
abundant, fresh, and CHEAP produce, and am a reborn Avanza shopper.

Having never visited the Mississippi/Federal location, CC assured me that
it was still open, and boy was it festive on Saturday! And the canned
Christmas music in English was very surreal. They even have several
non-corn-syrup-partially-hyrdogenated hot chocolate options. And they
have the often-hard-to-find ingredients that must be basics in some
ethnic kitchens--powdered buttermilk, ladyfingers, plantains.

Plus, my savings subsidized a trip to Marzyck's on the way home. $12--6
cooked shrimp, spinach, gingersnaps ?!

Tonight...coq au vin, and later this week, my favorite dish EVER: Sopa
Seca de Fideos
.html), courtesy of my boyfriend Rick Bayless. It's vermicelli &
zucchini with chorizo in tomato/chipotle sauce.

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codown2earth said...

Re: Como se dice "pound"? I don't know... are most spanish speaking countries on a metric system? If so, then perhaps it is "pound". I do know los huevos se venden por docenas.