Sunday, December 10, 2006

Craft Day: Years of good company & a few finished crafts

It's time for the annual "cookie" craft day where we celebrate the anniversary of our monthly gatherings. The first craft day was Dec '99 with InfoChef, CreamyCrafter, & CD2E. Always goal oriented, IC suggested we work on a project to enter into the state fair during our monthly gatherings. While there have been no state fair ribbons, there have been a few "prizes" for completed crafts, sails for an outdoor wedding, a fresh coat of paint in a baby's room, and somewhere in there we launched this blog. Some significant others consider it an excuse for cocktails (as if we need an excuse?) while others think it's just a giant pillow fight. For many of us, it is our favorite Sunday afternoon of the month. Cheers to another year!

Here is a link to what I will be making (slightly modified, of course): Parma-style Carrot Mini-Muffins.


DenverHotPants said...

I definitely remember making bird houses and learning to fold towels into monkeys. And, I swear that I actually saw IC darn a sock or two. Not bad for the 7 year anniversary.

codown2earth said...

Did we make bird houses? Or just decorate them? We did carve at least one set of pumpkins too.

waltzeswithdogs said...

Many thanks to the crafters for your Christmas cookie/pretzel donation to the women's party. It was quite a hit and I am very impressed with how crafty you really are.