Thursday, December 14, 2006

Ghost Town Blog.

It's like all the Crafters are traveling or something! I am too grumpy to post today as on my way home from the freaking POTLUCK- I had SNG "Car-ma". I have to head out to meet the tow truck to pick up my Vo-Vo from where she overheated. Grrrhhhh.

Update: It looks like my Car-ma is better then I had feared.
Tow to Dealer via Gieco Roadside Coverage: Zero Dollars
Thermostat replacement, shuttle service, & peace of mind: 141 Dollars
Having Penny Lane Back to Finish Holiday Shopping: Priceless


shitsngrins said...

I feel your pain! I can not wait to see my credit card bill and my 3 C's of financial demise... Car, Christmas and Cow. On top of that I may need a new roof.

codown2earth said...

Like a house COVERING