Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Best of Daily Candy

Getting back into the work groove has tapped my creativity so here are some gems from daily candy.

jet hag - n. The overly dressed, overly perfumed woman in desperate search of an on-flight date.
sluggage - n. Luggage that always seems to come out of baggage claim last.
scary-on - n. A piece of luggage that’s clearly too big to fit into a plane's overhead compartment.
bee break - n. The act of sneaking off to the bathroom in the middle of dinner to scroll through one's BlackBerry.
e-mnesia - n. The condition of having sent or received an e-mail and having no recollection of it whatsoever.
reply-arrhea - n. E-mail incontinence; the inability to stop hitting Reply to All.
bluetoothsome - adj. Used to describe someone so attractive that his/her hotness is not diminished by the wearing of a dorky Bluetooth earpiece.

I had thought my favorite gift under the tree was the vintage typewriter key jewelry but now that I have been back at the computer for two days I say it is my fancy bluetooth mouse.

*I know DHP & SNG are guilty of Bee Breaks.*


DenverHotPants said...

Hell, I don't even sneak off to the bathroom for my bee break.

InfoChef said...

That's just what I was going to say....from someone whose theory is 'who needs a ringtone when the vibrate setting is quite enough noise pollution and interruption.'

This is a great theory for the self-employed--"please, DON'T call me." Works great for garnering and retaining clients.

rebeckspe said...

What a *great* list: I am a strong opponent of the reply-arrhea. In fact, its #24 on my list of pet peeves.


DenverHotPants said...

You know, we really really need a list of crafters' pet peeves. I'll start (off the top of my head and in no particular order) . . .

The full stop before a right-hand turn.
Inappropriately giggly women.
Reply to All (I think we're in full agreement on this one)
People who have full conversations on their cell phone while in the passenger seats of my car.
Obsessive list-makers.

rebeckspe said...

pet peeves: do we really want to go here? the short list.

-The disappearing waitperson when all you want is the Check.
-People who don't personally sign preprinted photo holiday cards.
-Bartenders who can't make a decent Manhattan.
-Neighbors that don't stop their newspaper delivery when they leave town for a week.
-People who clip their nails in public.
-My number one all time pet peeve: Leaf blowers.

rebeckspe said...

oops, i completely forgot: people who do not pick up their dog's poop. that one takes the cake.

DenverHotPants said...

Oooh, leaf blowers, that is a good one. The property manager of the million dollar condo building next door is addicted to his and uses it every day in the summer and fall. The sound is amplified off the 6 story building. Good times. Especially when I have a conference call.

Let's see, more pet peeves . . .
High-pitched cell phone rings, and song ring tones.
People who don't stand to the right on an escalator or who block the door on public trasportation.
Slow-walkers, or those who stop in groups in the middle of the sidewalk/ski-slope/flow of traffic.

InfoChef said...

-not using the car's turn signal

codown2earth said...

Drug Commercials that direct viewers to "Ask their doctor"

rebeckspe said...

drug commercials. period.

oh! and mojitos that have mint shredded so small that it comes up the straw.

puh. lease.

codown2earth said...

For the Pet Peeves list, Vegans who register for a training with a judgemental meal preference of "no animal products". Just say Vegan. Your "no animal products" makes me want to order you a hotdog for lunch.

And sorry, SNG, but chicken & seafood eating "vegetarians" are annoying too. If you eat poultry and fish (and sometimes bacon when you are drunk)- you aren't a veg head.