Tuesday, January 2, 2007

What to do with that summer sausage

There is a back story with this, I swear. It involves CD2E’s declaration of 2007 as the year of simplicity that resulted in the gifting of summer sausage, spray on cheese, and generic “Ritz” crackers to DHP. Funny that one of DHP’s resolutions is to cook more. So, not wanting to waste perfectly “good” food, DHP has found some uses for the summer sausage. I cannot be the only one who received this “gift” for the holidays . . . though others were likely given with a less than humorous intent. Perhaps we can have a crafter cook-off.

Summer Sausage Sauté (a shocker from Whole Foods)
Summer Sausage Cheddar Omelette
Waikiki Waldorf Salad
Summer Sausage Con Queso Dip
(and with this one, I may have found a use for the easy cheese as well)

And, it turns out that it will be handy on my little backpacking excursions.


codown2earth said...

Does the Amy Sedaris Entertaining book offer any Summer Sausage suggestions? Or does she focus on the luncheon meat 3-tier meat cake? =)

InfoChef said...

I LIKE summer sausage. I even had the holiday opportunity to eat someone else's received gift of this absolutely-not-good-for-you fatty treat.

One of the best things about returning to the meat-eating world is cured meats. Kind of like wine with me--never met one I didn't like.

Yum. Yuck.

P.S. How great is it that we can blog about summer sausage?! I never knew I had this inner need that's now been fulfilled.

DenverHotPants said...

Happy to oblige. I will make the summer sausage saute for infochef for the next craft day. Now that is an incentive to come.

DenverHotPants said...

BTW, admitting your like of summer sausage is not as appauling as CD2E's admission that she frequently dines at chain restaurants.

codown2earth said...

If we weren't at Ruby Sundays- you wouldn't know about Flirt To Convert. I believe they call that taking one for the team.