Sunday, February 11, 2007

Shut up and Sing - you'll win some Grammys!

"Heh-Heh" (To quote Natalie, quoting the Simpsons)

Vindication!!! You don't need to like country music, only freedom of speech (you know, one of the Bills of Rights) to feel proud to be an American tonight watching the Grammys. Way to go, Music World, for not only honoring the Dixie Chicks as musicians, but as Americans who refused to back down for having an opinion and stating it.

To anyone who's ever been told "Just go along with it" or "Cooperate", hear this: If you believe in your heart and soul that you have something to stand for, then don't make nice or back down. This country is a better place because of the people who didn't just "Shut up and Sing".


InfoChef said...

I know the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Does that mean I'm hip now? Or is this one of those return of the '80s album re-release hits that makes you fe?!el old

codown2earth said...

The soundtrack for upcoming new decade party for jeepboy will be 80s hits. You will be like a rockstar, Infochef.

Anonymous said...

The big question for InfoChef is . . . What made it into your new shuffle?

codown2earth said...

BTW, Dixie Chicks need a "I hated Bush before it was cool." sticker.

InfoChef said...

Podcasts. I can find and download podcasts, for free.

Haven't listened to it since I got off the plane.