Monday, February 26, 2007

Wine of the Week

In the tradition of Cheese of the "Week", here is a Wine of the "Week":
Gazela Vinho Verde - Portugal
A light, affordable white with a slight sparkle
Available at Corks (15th & Platte), ~$7/bottle

And Another random thought.... while I find I agree with him 80% of the time, I do find Jason Sheehan (Westword Food Critic) to be an ego-maniac. A classic example is how he posted the following reader's comment in one of his articles:
"...I have mixed feelings about Sheehan the writer. (Don't get me wrong; his writing is excellent -- providing you like profanity and consider 'Jason Sheehan' an interesting subject.) However, as a food critic, he's generally spot-on..."

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Anonymous said...

Wine of the week should be a regular addition to the blog, as I'm more likely to drink a bottle of wine to myself than eat a slab of cheese alone. Sad, really, but still a worthy edeavor.