Friday, February 2, 2007

Good things for the cold weekend.

You can download for free “This American Life” on iTunes.

Here are some funny things on You Tube.
Aries Drivers
The Washington video provided comic relief during the 2006 elections, and often inspired fits of mania among my colleagues at 2:00 in the morning. Cam & the Aries video did the exact same trick during the 2000 elections. (Clearly my taste has improved.) The were sent to me this week by a friend of mine from that campaign that I have not seen over 3 years. I love those kinds of surprises in my inbox.
Here is a similar history lesson on JFK

Umm, Orgazmo . . . for some reason this is a local netflix favorite for Denver. Judge for yourself.

The Arognaut delivers and Grey Goose is on special this week. Call them at 303-831-7788.

Does anyone want to go see FADE, Denver – the light installation show by Elwin Redl at the museum of contemporary art?

Find out what to do outside of your house: This Week in Denver.


codown2earth said...

This will give you a I went to the Mothership (Arognaut) to pick up some Goose on sale & white wine for upcoming party. Only after ringing up my order did I discover I had left my ID in my backpack pocket from airport security screening the night before. Guess whose ass got carded and denied at the Mothership?

Instead I went to one of the local shops in my 'hood (Corks on Platte) where I was offered free samples and even though I had run by my house to pick it up, they welcomed my friendly face & did not card my ass.

Anonymous said...

Did you not point out your grey hair? Still, very very funny.

codown2earth said...

I didn't want to be that asshole who holds up the line.