Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Got to love it when an asshole gets his just deserts

Tape has former official asking aide for kickback

Ex-Jeffco treasurer indicted on two felony charges
Former Jefferson County Treasurer Mark Paschall was booked into the Jefferson County Jail late Monday after he was indicted on two felony charges for allegedly soliciting a kickback from a top aide. The indictment alleges that on Dec. 27, Paschall offered a $25,092 pre-tax bonus to his administrative assistant, Kathy Redmond, and asked her to split the money after taxes. Paschall, 52, of Arvada,was charged by a Jefferson County grand jury with one count of attempted felony theft and one count of compensation for past official behavior. If convicted, Paschall could face one to three years in prison on the theft count and 18 months on the compensation count.

FROM DHP - So I'm hoping that since SNG can't read the blog anymore she won't mind that I shortened her posting of the full article for a synopsis and link in order to provide the back story. Because it is soooo good. You see Mark Paschall used to be in the State House. He was a champion of family values. So, like all good purveyors of family-values that attend big round churches and spout off publicly about their superiority, he had his dick in everything that walked under the dome. Women (particularly interns) and some rumored that he had a bit of Ted Haggard in him as well. He was an anti-choice, anti-gay, gun toting freakshow back when they ruled the day at the capitol. Good times, let me tell you. Anyway, that is why both DHP and SNG take such glee in the fact that we get to post his mug shot on our blog. Hee hee hee.

(No wonder he had to resort to extortion, he has that cookie-cutter McMansion mortgage to pay off. Did I also mention that he has absolutely no taste?)


waltzeswithdogs said...

I want to let you know that Waltzeswithdogs predicted the Paschall debacle. As I knew him well, I knew that the man needs lots of attention. I feared that tucked away in the treasurer's office there would be no fawning lobbyists or others to make him feel special, and he would have to get his attention, like a spoiled child, in some sort of negative way. I also believe the man is in serious need of medication, and behind his holier-than thou/lustier-than thou personality is a serious mental health problem. On an unrelated topic, as my office is evaluating new phone systems, I am wondering whether despite the bumpy start if Cd2E or other crafters can tell me how they feel about VOIP. Thanks.

waltzeswithdogs said...

PS has SNG's computer broken or has she been punished?

codown2earth said...

SNG has been blocked from blogger at work and only has dial up at home so she is now emailing to post which doesn't allow for fancy options.

CD2E & JB have had VOIP for almost 2 years. First with Vonage (Sorry, DHP, I know just the mention will get that tune stuck in your head). Vonage was fine if you are only on the phone but performance was bad when hosting web meetings and using phone at the same time. We now have Comcast and are very happy. As is Comcast who get a big old fat check from us every month for the tech hat trick. (cable + high speed internet + phone)