Monday, March 26, 2007

Cheese (Recipe) of the Week

Gorgonzola & Fig Terrine
Simmer 1/2 pound stemmed Mission figs with most of a bottle of Port (leaving some for personal consumption, of course) with some strips of orange peel for about 20 minutes.
Blend 4 oz. cream cheese and 2 cups gorgonzola (about 3/4 lb.--see above recommendation for personal consumption) in food processor.  Start terrine with layer of 1/3 cheese, in a mini-loaf pan lined with plastic wrap.  Empty cheese onto giant spatula (have you been to the InfoChef school of one-utensil cooking and not unnecessarily dirtying dishes?).  Then, puree the figs with just a few tablespoons of the Port. 
Return the Port to simmer to reduce to a syrup, at least 30 minutes.
Continue layering terrine, alternating fig jam with cheese twice.  Wrap and chill at least 4 hours.
Can substitute purchased fig jam; serve the inverted terrine with grapes, walnuts and water crackers, and the syrup.
Adopted from Bon Appetit.

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