Monday, March 26, 2007

Some Thoughts on Work in the Current Era inspired by the in-depth coverage of the Libby trial in the Mag this week.

I don't wanna play.
If a complex series of hidden rules, 'political baseball', and manipulation is how the system works--granted this particulary story focused on D.C. and our current government--I don't want to be a part.

We are taught to learn skills and even how to work with other people. But I don't recall ever learning how to 'play the game'. If it's so essential, why didn't someone say so--give some guidance; include in curricula, textbooks or teachings; or even mention in passing, "All these things you are learning don't mean anything if you don't know how to back-stab, manipulate, and CYA at all times."

So what, I think--am I left to drop out of society? Is this really how we are supposed to live our days--wondering how I might step on others to get where I want to be, or lie or use some lame excuse about why I should be excused, or worry about documenting everything I do or say?

Role models in our government? Please. Role models in business? Where?? Even on a personal level, locally, doesn't the world you work in seem to be loaded with 'politics'? Yeah, those hidden rules that we all hate so much but learn to follow and worry or talk or gossip ad naseum about them and their perpetrators. What happened to the 'give your word'-'Little House on the Prarie'-'Frog and Toad' ethics that I thought--and was taught--the world might be based on?!

Why bother to participate in this economy?!


codown2earth said...

Danger. Danger. Put down the glass of wine. This type of pondering should not be mixed with personal consumption.

InfoChef said...

Completely sober. Sad but true. You must not have read the depressing article cited herein yet.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to politics! I think CSLC got a good lesson on knowing the actual rules while she was with me at the capitol. Much like UNO, the rules only apply when people are paying attention, and the REVERSE card is one to play very strategically.

And, according to the rules, the self-employed are barely taking part in our economy. If you are Halliburton (for example) the rules only apply up until the point that you leave the country in order to protect your profits from the racketeering IRS. Ha!

Oh the cynicism.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I meant CLC (not CSLC). Also, I have not read the article either, and have a few glasses of wine in me, so excuse the rant it it is not relevant.

InfoChef said...

Love the UNO analogy--it's so true--you have to be paying attention for it to be relevant, and the onus is on the person who's watching for the mistake.

THAT'S what's wrong with the system right now!!!