Monday, April 2, 2007

Colorado Library Card

Did you know? YOU can check out materials of ALL kinds from (almost) ANY library in the state. Any public library, 99% of school libraries, and even others like prison and medical libraries.

There are two ways to access this service:

For on-site service, take your library card--and you DO have one, right?! (Infochef will shame you to within an inch of your life if you don't, so you'd better get on that. No excuses!)--to any participating library, who will then issue you a card or barcode from their system. That's it. That's all. Ta-da!

Place an interlibrary (or even inter-branch) loan. This can be via your local library's website, where you might access the card catalog 'Prospector'*--
or by searching the Colorado Virtual Library for a title. (*Prospector is not necessary if you search the library's database and find that the material you want is at another branch. In that case, you'll just place a hold and request that it be delivered to the branch of your choice.)

Loan requests will amazingly be delivered to the library of your choice. And, I'll bet you didn't know you can return books to ANY library, as long as there is sufficient time for the materials to reach your own library by the due date, and they will then be returned by a statewide daily library courier system. And, all of this is free, thanks to your tax dollars. An amazing service and value, right up there with the postage stamp.



rebeckspe said...

Does this also apply to cds and dvds?

rebeckspe said...

okay, did you edit the post or did I really miss the "materials of ALL kinds" part?o

ChristianLiberalChic said...

Thanks for the official link! Now I can go to a county with the good stuff... and finally see what REALLY happened on Sex in the City!!! Oh yeah, and get some books for when I turn off my TV...Ha Ha Ha :)

I actually used Prospector when I was doing research at Regis. Crazy small world!

InfoChef said...

R-it's not you, it's me.
I did edit the post thanks to your watchful eye!