Sunday, April 1, 2007

TV Turnoff Week

Get ready....TV Turnoff Week is April 23-29 this year.

Take the challenge!

(The new campaign is really 'screen-free', but that could be interesting for those of use who aren't kids and actually have to work at a screen. Ah, for the days of widget-making!)


rebeckspe said...

I find it interesting that you tagged this with "Holiday". I'm trying to imagine what kind of gifts are exchanged, what food is served at the celebratory feast, and of course, what kind of cards and decorations will be available at Hallmark for the occasion?

On a (slightly) more serious note, I'm a little worried that the finals for America's Next Top Model will fall that week. Horrors!

Anonymous said...

But what will I do for company? And how will I know what kitty gets stuck up a tree with out the benefit of watching the local news??

ChristianLiberalChic said...

Give up this, give up that. Not so much fun. If I'm going to give up TV for a week, I might as well give up coffee, sugar, and drinking as well, then climb in bed & sleep for a week.

No thanks. While everyone else is educating themselves with a book drinking tea, I'll be sitting on my couch with a spiked latte anxiously waiting to see who wins the next leg of the Amazing Race :)