Sunday, March 11, 2007

Denver Area Drivers - Learn to drive!!!

Dumb Denver Area Drivers are on notice!
I am so freakin' tired of some Denver Area Drivers driving as if they make the rules!!! First - STOP PLAYING TRAFFIC COP/GOD. If someone's on your tail & you're in the left lane - MOVE OVER!!!! You only piss the person off and make them drive faster later and it is NOT YOUR JOB to regulate traffic. Second, if you can't handle snow - CALL A CAB or STAY OFF THE ROAD! Finally - LEARN HOW 4-WAY STOPS WORK!!! It's not "fastest gas pedal" - there's an ACTUAL rule for how they work!!! Whew. That should stave off my frustration for a day or two.


Anonymous said...

And for crissakes, you do not need to come to a full stop for a right hand turn if there is no stopsign or traffic light. Oh and one more think, pull into the fucking intersection when waiting to turn left so traffic doesn't back up behind you. Good god. People in Denver cannot drive.

rebeckspe said...

Plus, during the Running O' the Green this a.m., the absolute LACK of signage for detours and/or street closings, just a bunch of randomly placed orange cones in the street, pretty much guaranteed that someone was going to get hit by one of these bad drivers, or by me on my way to a giant hangover breakfast at Mona's.

ps. In order to feel like I hadn't broken any "race route rules" we parked by LoLa and walked across the new pedestrian bridge. I freakin love that bridge. Can't wait til they finally finish the damned thing.

codown2earth said...

And stop turning left on Red at intersections with a damn left turn light. Wait your damn turn. What the hell is so important that you can't get there 60 seconds later?

And Federal Drivers- it is never okay to drive down the wrong side of the street- even if it is the quickest way to get to where you are going. Make the block.