Saturday, March 3, 2007

Week in Review in Restaurants

Marczyk's--check it out, see what I'm saying?!--topped out the week (note their tip of the hat to my farmer Elaine--find your own CSA), which included visits to the most random assortment of places:
Good Times (did you know they have custard?!)
Lola for snacks (& drinks)
Buenos Aires Grill, which is just such a great space
St. Mark's (it's never to early to have a veggie panini, right?!) (Check out their cool website design and a baby picture of Jena.)
my own personal burrito addiction, Bocaza (grilled veg, tomatillo, black, cheese) at 17th/Williams,
plus takeout for 100 from Einstein's, Common Grounds, and Costco.


codown2earth said...

Speaking of Marczyks & their fancy loyalty program, do all the crafters have their loyalty key chain card for Argonaut?

InfoChef said...

No! Is this new?
My criteria for these cards is that the issuer must allow electronic access to your 'account' either by looking it up in their system manually or by entering a personal identifier to the payment system.

I can't possibly be bothered to tote all these cards aroundd.

codown2earth said...

I am not sure. I have had 5 home phone numbers in 4 years and was not smart enough to set up a standard fake phone number & (name) like DHP. It also cracks me up to have an Argonaut prefered shopper card on my keychain.