Monday, March 5, 2007

Wine(s) of the Week

So I find myself for a second week in a row offering up a white for Wine of the Week. It must be the need for winter to be over.

Thorn Clarke Terra Barossa 2005 Eden Valley Pinot Gris (Australia)
Someone brought it to Jeepboy's Birthday Bash so I can't offer any purchase location tips but if the gifter is an RC'r (or RC reader)- Yum, Thank you! It rounded out a white sauce nicely for dinner last night.

For balance, here is a great red Chateau Mas Neuf that we picked up at the Mondo Vino tasting bar. (~$16) The name cracks me up because Mas Neuf makes me think of More Newfies (or Newfadors, in our case).

I do love the Mondo Vino tasting bar. They pour a nice selection of wines and usually have good cheese samples each week too.


Anonymous said...

Let me suggest a new found favorite, Broadley Vinyards Pinot Noir.
I was given a bottle for the winter holidays by a vendor I worked with and it was goo-od. CD2E can vouch, she had some on new years eve. Their mid-range ($25) bottle is fabulous and avialable at the mothership.

Anonymous said...

Oh, plus, you must just love the tribute on the homepage of Broadley Vinyards to their beloved and passed "wine dog".

codown2earth said...

Gotta love a vineyard with a wine dog.