Sunday, April 29, 2007

Farm Shares

For those of you who just can't grow enough of your own due to dogs, toddlers, working in other states, lack of land, or my own personal excuse--laziness, here are some info on your own potential farm shares:

Look up local CSAs here, including big Monroe Farms & small Granata Farms
And northerners try Coastalfields free home delivery.

Half or 'single' shares recommended, and run in the neighborhood of $350 for 5 months, which is about $17.50 per week for 2 bags (in my experience) of produce--fresh, local, organic and in season, plus no grocery-store hassle. Some also come with 'pick your own' and/or fruit or eggs or meat add-ons.

You could also look up co-ops at the LocalHarvest site above for 'order-in' options and all kinds of food goods.

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