Monday, April 9, 2007

Grocery Shopping Tales

After brunch in town on Saturday, we swung by the 15th & Platte vitamin cottage on our way home. Our shopping list included iron-free multi-vitamin and dog food. The variety is still not enough to be a single-stop weekly destination but we did fill our cart with some bargains including Garlic Gold Nuggets for $2 less than at Whole Foods. They also had the New Tree chocolates in the mini-bars. My new favorite is blush. Yummm!

A rant on pet food in light of recall-mania. We used to blend Eukanuba with Pet Promise (due to Ms. B's need for diet food) but I am now boycotting Eukanuba/Iams after learning they subcontracted some of their products. Since V.C. doesn't have the beloved Pet Promise (available at Whole Foods/Wild Oats), we got some solid gold or something which the dogs are boycotting. So I discovered that Royal Canin (clean so far in recall-mania) makes a food specific for labs. Has anyone done any price checks on Royal Canin? I am glad JB was with me at the store or else he would have declared my $80 a bag a hyperbole. Over $3 a pound for dog food! Are you freaking kidding me? So we picked up some Science Diet Large Breed Diet and damn if I didn't get home to discover they are in the same boat as Eukanuba with the sneaking subcontracting. So next week- Pet Promise it is. (And the Goofadors & Mostly Golden rejoice!)

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rebeckspe said...

Also clean: Canidae. The Reillydog wholeheartedly endorses this yummy "human grade, holistic" dry food, available locally at Mouthfuls at Tennyson & 41st-ish. (they participate in the "buy 12 bags, the 13th is free" program. Plus it contains papaya....