Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Not my recommendation...

I'm not choosing to use one of my 2 At-Large votes for Carol Campbell.
This stuff as on her website is scary to me--not understanding the reality of economics behind some of these statements:
  • Improve the number of affordable rental units available to law-abiding citizens, not by increasing the density and number of buildings, but by changing the perception that some neighborhoods are unsafe and therefore, undesirable
  • Property owners with derelict properties will be more inclined or forced by economics to improve the quality of their property as their pool of possible renters change
  • Proposing SEX OFFENDER CONTAINMENT & RESEARCH FACILITY houses repeat sex offenders in a controlled residential facility where they are closely monitored and supervised 24/7 while living a productive life.  (Just a guess, but I'm suspecting that this facility wouldn't be invited into the candidate's own neighborhood--there's 'already too much of this type of riff-raff' there)
    Subjective views of 'derelict' properties, opposition to density (hello, we are an urban city), and embracing the negative (eliminate graffiti, stop broken windows, stop, contain, enforce, etc.) don't appeal to me as much as concentrating on building assets that we have. 
    And, sorry, I don't buy the 'our neighborhood is worse than yours' line.


    DenverHotPants said...

    CRAZY!! Thank you for doing the research. I just got my ballot and am lost on a number of people.

    Anyhoo . . . Vote yes on the 1A - extension of termlimits for DA's. This is just good policy - current DA aside.

    How many damn 1A's can we have in a one year period?

    codown2earth said...

    Rebeckspe will be very happy to see there is a write-in option on this ballot.

    InfoChef said...

    Are we writing in rebeckspe?

    rebeckspe said...

    No, we are not writing in rebeckspe. I was bitching and moaning about no ability for a write in candidate on the November ballot.

    Good memory, CD2E.

    InfoChef said...

    UPDATE: Visit our friend over at WPP for some direct quotes from Campbell:


    ChristianLiberalChic said...

    Thanks for the info. OMG why is it that people spend so much time trying to create a little utopian bubble around them? If they can't deal with the real world, they should move to Pleasantville, AKA Highlands Ranch, and leave the real people alone to deal with real problems.

    InfoChef said...

    Okay, I'm updating my post in comment form to preserve my research for any future discussion. I've been disturbed by Campbell supporters blogging around town and how their comments reveal how different we are. I did a little investigation to see if I could really be wrong in my opposition to those who support 'Broken Windows' policing--after all, I am opposed to broken windows and do agree that they should not be around--it's just that we disagree on how they should be fixed.

    And I found a little info on the original BW at http://www.manhattan-institute.org/pdf/_atlantic_monthly-broken_windows.pdf
    where I was interested to see that not only--shocking, I know--has the theory been taken out of context in some Denver coverage and by some council candidates or supporters (my summary: The Police should make a concerted effort to go after minor infringements at all other costs and this will stop crime.), but that the suggested implementation includes a variety of suggestions I can buy into:
    1. Try different things in different neighborhoods.
    2. Implement foot patrols in neighborhoods at a tipping point.
    3. Don't dump the problem at the police doorstep--individuals need to take responsibility for participating in crime reduction, and residents as well as police should embrace the betterment of the community not just individuals.

    And, for the record, I AM one of those who believes that we have crime because of racial, social and economic injustice--and apathy. That is a point where BW theorist George Kelling and I would disagree.

    InfoChef said...

    Forgot to mention a particularly offensive, culturally incompetent post:

    codown2earth said...

    oh my, coleneighborhood.blogspot.com is a real putz.

    BigSprinter said...

    Hello InfoChef and CoDown...

    Thanks for your comments on my blog. Glad to hear that idealists like yourself spend at least a fraction of your time not just patting each other on the back repeatedly in liberal whine-boards like this about how the world's problems would be solved if more people listened to you...

    I will give you a slight pat on the back, Info, because at least you've done a little homework about the actual Broken Windows Theory, as well as its implementation in our Denver's neighborhoods, rather than simply buying into the deliberate oversimplification and misinformation purveyed by those holier-than-thou, sensationalist "defenders" of the poor and minorities, the CPC as so many of your liberal cronies do.

    Hopefully, you're similarly engaged in your local community to actually be part of the solution, rather than just lamenting the problem repeatedly and pointing the finger at someone else (as so many liberals do).

    Funny how you commented on one of my posts that is 1. Not opinion, but a true-to-life recount of a conversation I had and 2. Written in a tongue-in-cheek tone.

    In the future I encourage you to post your criticisms at my actual blog rather than hiding in your little virtual cave and throwing stones out onto to the web.

    Flame away.

    ChristianLiberalChick said...

    Wow - Bitter, pointless, rambling attack. Excellent. I've found that's usually a sign the person has no real point or factual information and is just wanting to make themselves feel like they do. Sounds about right here. Sad little person sounds scared of liberal progressive thinkers. Boo Hoo.

    Oh yeah, remind me to pat y'all on the back next time I see you. Apparently that's what we liberals do. News to me.

    BigSprinter said...

    Hah--Very (not) well written "Christian Liberal Chick" whatever the hell that means. I'm betting you fancy yourself quite profound for some irony in your "name" unperceived by your ignorant liberal cohorts.

    Hit me with some "factual information" and I'll return the favor. But I don't really expect any factual information, because liberals like you are quick to point the finger as always, but slow to suggest any "factual" or quantifiable solutions to the world's problems that you're all so quick to point out. And one thing you're correct about--I'm scared of liberal thinkers, because they possess the heart of a 500-year-old combined with the intellectual understanding of a five-year-old. And I always find the self-proclaimed "progressive" tag perpetually laughable. The only thing progressive about your idealistic and amateurish understanding of reality is that at least you'll stick your neck out of your freshman-level CU politics class to feebly defend your simplistic view of society and politics, where most liberals either restrict their quaint observances of humanity to Starbucks (oh, the irony) or legitimately outgrow their liberalness like they do puberty.

    Again, I invite you to contribute soomething of substance to this discussion, or the world in general. Until that point, why don't you buy the world a Coke and teach them how to sing.

    When you do come up with something substantive, I guess I'll respond. Until that point, continue to pontificate about the world (and make no tangible contribution, as most liberals don't) and continue to kid yourself that the unsubstantiated carbon-offsets you and your friends purchase are actually making a measurable difference in this world.

    Flame on, far left liberal whacko.

    BigSprinter said...

    I take everything back that I said--You win--You sucked me into a political debate at a CRAFTING BLOG!!! How can I compete with the political give-and-take that exists over Kleenex box Kozies, scrapbooks, and home-made nativity scenes? I mistook this Blog for some sort of meeting-of-minds of some sort of at least self-proclaimed community leaders, not a weekly Betty Crocker weekly Tea Party. My mistake. You probably live in the GD suburbs, too! You don't have a clue what it's even like to live in a diverse, urban environment! Oh, you live in the Highlands? Ditto!

    "Renegade Crafters"? What the hell does that mean, do you throw caution into the wind by using toxic glue? Saucy! Stick to arts and crafts!

    ChristianLiberalChick said...

    Wow - who knew a guest blogger could be so rude and pissy. Nice. Very mature. If we hear of a blog of recent CU grads who live in Highlands Ranch, we'll let you know. If you have a statement that requires a factual response, we'll be sure to give you one. In the mean time, we'll continue to make the world a better place from our eclectic and well integrated neighborhoods with our master's degrees from schools across the US hang on our walls. I'm not sure what you're doing, but as long as it actually is helping people, more power to ya. Otherwise, stay in your hole. I'll pray for you.

    P.S. There's a serious difference between a liberal and a "far left liberal whacko". YOU might want to get some factual information before you throw out terms you obviously do not understand.