Friday, April 27, 2007

Online Wine Buying

My (& I think others) email address was harvested from some happy hour invite list and added to Jennifer Rosen's Cork Jester email list. Usually this annoys the heck out of me but I find this weekly mailing informative at times. Here is a bit of news from this week:

"A year after the Supreme Court eased up on direct shipments from wineries to customers, a new survey shows teens have not been rushing to the Internet to buy. Only 2% of 14-20-year-olds reported purchasing alcohol online and fewer than 10% had browsed websites selling alcohol. By contrast, 80% reported browsing sexually explicit sites.

Nevertheless, The Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America called the news “Shocking! Hard evidence that should really shake up this debate.” Long-time foes of direct shipping, which bypasses wholesalers’ role, the WSWA likes to raise fears of resulting teen drunkenness. Unfortunately they can’t ignore this study, since they commissioned it. "

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DenverHotPants said...

OMG I got on Court Jester's e-mail list years ago and never figured out how, but still, like it. We changed state law on internet sales last year. Also, you are now free to take an unfinished bottle of wine out of a restaurant so long as you put it out of reach of the driver. Why anyone would leave a restaurant without finishing their bottle is beyond me, but evidently is was to cut down on drunk driving.