Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Thanks, Alberto Gonzales and all the other Women Haters in our Sham Government

Read about the close effort by Ruth, Stephen, John Paul and Dave--our Supreme Court justices who tried to uphold the legal right of women to obtain safe medical care in the event of an abortion:

(*@&#($*#&(^%!@% from PP

@@^#%)@$*&@^* from the NYT

And what about protecting the WOMEN who are actually IMPACTED?!....Justice Kennedy’s observation that “the government may use its voice and its regulatory authority to show its profound respect for the life within the woman.”


Anonymous said...

Thank you InfoChef!!! I hope those damned suburban women voters that elected Shrub are pleased with themselves, and that the rest of the voters in this country have been given a wake up call. I guess we get what we ask for. Global Warming, a loss of our rights, and war-mongering.

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