Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Understandable blog silence

When the news of the day turns to unimaginable tragedy, it is understandable that the blog has been silent. The political news has, of course, moved to gun violence and gun control which I will not weigh in on, but Media Matters has a good overview on the presidential candidates weighing in on the issue. However, it seems to me we are going down the wrong path. Shouldn’t the country instead be weighing in on de-stigmatizing mental health disorders, integrating mental and physical health, increasing funding for mental health treatment, and encouraging people to seek treatment for depression? It seems to me this would be a much more productive national discussion given that socially integrated and healthy individuals do not commit mass murders? Perhaps if we stopped judging anti-social behavior and treated such conditions without attaching stigma, this kind of violence would be on the decline.

I’m just waiting for the anti-immigrant debate to refuel. It is going to be more shameful than before, I fear.

Since all politics do not take a break, there is some good news out of the Colorado Legislature. Today the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, SB 25, passed out of the Senate (yes, on a party-line vote, but what’s new?). The bill adds adds sexual orientation and gender identity to Colorado’s Discriminatory or Unfair Employment Practices law. The bill is now headed to the House where it has been assigned to the Judiciary Committee. Also, HB 1330, which allows gay and lesbian couples to adopt children in Colorado, passed the entire legislature late last week and is expected to be signed by our new governor. Hooray! I know of one goofador that will be pleased.


rebeckspe said...

well put.

waltzeswithdogs said...

I know this is not appropo, but in keeping with last year's manties web site. I thought you all would enjoy this from today's NY Times.


Anonymous said...

Not only is that appropriate, but is it fabulous!

codown2earth said...

Most annoying media coverage moment: referring to the "9"-"1"-"1" call as "9"-"11" call.