Wednesday, May 16, 2007

4-Bucks world domination plan inches closer to victory

RIP Diedrich's Coffee

I was absolutely shocked to find that the big gay Diedrich's on Cap Hill had become a DazBog Coffee. I mean, that place was an institution! I little investigation turned up that Diedrich's has been purchased by 4-Bucks! I am now thankful that the 9th & Downing location did not succumb to the evil forces. Though, it is more likely than not that the fact that there is one right across the street inside the queen soopers made it a less attractive location for 4-Bucks. I guess I'm glad it stayed with a local company.


ChristianLiberalChic said...

Olde Town Arvada still has a local one - La Dolce Vita. We should visit. They have music, etc. occasionally, too. The ORIGINAL coffee house style.

InfoChef said...

Don't forget our link to

And with a name like this, what other business could you possibly be in?!
Steve Coffey, chief executive officer of Diedrich Coffee