Thursday, May 17, 2007

Viking Porridge

Totally ripped off from Watercourse's Soup of the Day consumed earlier
this week

Saute 1 cup each shredded carrots and celery (more if you like) as well
as 1/2 an onion and a few cloves garlic (I also shredded these) until
tender. Don't put away the food processor yet....
Add 1 c. brown rice and 5 c. broth and/or water and cook, covered, until
rice is mosly done.
Add juice and almost-puree from a large can of whole tomatoes*, salt,
pepper and spices as you like, and possibly 2 more cups of water.
Cook some more. The more you cook, the more water the rice absorbs and
thus the more porridge-like rather than a bowl of rice, veg, and tomato

Yum. I think it might benefit from just a touch of honey (perhaps to
offset my over-peppering).

*I now only buy large cans of whole tomatoes on the theory that you can
never have too many tomatoes in a recipe that calls perhaps for only a
small can, and also on the information that the best tomatoes are canned
whole, the 2nd best as chopped, and so on down the line.


codown2earth said...

Interesting theory on the whole tomatoes. I have been buying Muir Glen fire roasted tomatoes lately due to the "TJ MAXX Factor"*. WF usually puts all Muir Glen on sale for the same price even though there is a difference in the regular prices. Thus there is a 24 cents savings on most cans but a 76 cents savings on fire roasted.

*What is the "TJ MAXX Factor"? It's the thrill of the maximum markdown on an item. Sure the $19 shirt might be just as good as the everyday $19 shirt at Target, but the one at TJ MAXX started at $49 so somehow due to the larger markdown, it must be better.

rebeckspe said...

Plus Rick Bayless has started using the Muir Glen Fire Roasted canned tomatoes in his recipes on PBS. drooly drooly.

Anonymous said...

Rick Byless is gay. Don't fool yourself. I have no opinion on the tomatoes, but am happy to consume them given the chance.

ChristianLiberalChic said...

DHP - not every guy that's not your taste is gay! They could just be girly like Aiden (see "lighter note").

codown2earth said...

Hmmm... some have suggested the JB may be gay or girly so perhaps that is my taste.

Seems like a good time for one of my favorite SATC quotes:

"We all judge. That's our hobby. Some people do arts and crafts; we judge."

~Stanford, Sex and the City

Anonymous said...

Gay, gay, gay. Who said he wasn't my taste?

InfoChef said...

Yes, that's the side of him that makes him lovely, right?!

And I also preferred the Northern Exposure character to Aiden.

rebeckspe said...

there appears to be a little miscommunication here about my "drooly drooly" comment. while i am aware that certain of the RCs find the Bayless attractive, i was referring to his food.

i'd much prefer authentic mexican cuisine to a gay boyfriend.

speaking of, went to tamayo this week for their prix fixe lunch to celebrate a friend's birthday. drooly drooly.

codown2earth said...

miscommunication on our blog? impossible! =)

ChristianLiberalChic said...

I'd say it's our randomness and multi-directional comments over miscommunication...but isn't that what adds charm to our blog? :)

InfoChef said...

Oh no--this is not good news!

I thought this was actual proof that you were my twin removed at birth--that there was someone else who had a crush on the actual chef, not JUST the food.