Thursday, May 31, 2007

Who is this crazy TB guy and who does he think he is?

So this guy who has been traveling all over the world with rare terrible TB is now in Denver. (I bet National Jewish is just jumping for joy for the great publicity.) But who is this arrogant, do whatever he wants guy? My AOL page says he's a lawyer and his picture shows a shit eating grin. Maybe I am peeved for no reason but I can't believe this guy and his audacity. He was off to get married infecting people as he went. I understand that a wedding day is a hard plan to change and European vacation is probably not something he or his bride wanted to postpone. But how long did he know about this? What about this new wife? I don't know anything about TB but I bet she's really at risk?! How do you get this type of TB? Or any Tuburculosis (spelling?)? The fact that he is a lawyer leads me to believe that we have not heard his name or anything about him until just bits of info today because he must be threatening lawsuits left and right to keep this so hush hush. (No offense intended Rebeckspe - I do like and respect lawyers). I'd like some answers and then I'd like this guy and his TB to not be in the news any more. Is that too much to ask?


Anonymous said...

Great. Guess those shots will do me well when I get home. OMG we have internet in our room. Expect drunken blogs.

codown2earth said...

Stupid TV Shots outside of CDC were in my way this week in Snotlanta.

DHP- Cheers to drunken blog postings!!

InfoChef said...

Hello and welcome! I'd like to point out that there are posts and comments above and below on the blog, and should you need it, your seat may be used as a flotation device in the event of a water landing.

In the rare event that we would be required to make an emergency landing in Denver, please use the paper mask located in your seatback pocket. And, we ask that you refrain from breathing on the flight if you have any terrible communicable diseases.

InfoChef said...

A little research from the paper says that,
YES, he knew he was infected prior to the wedding, and
YES, he defied a CDC request not to get on a commercial plane to return from Europe, and that
AMAZINGLY, his new father-in-law is a TB RESEARCHER!, and
NO, his wife is not infected nor does he seem to be highly contagious, but
SUSPICIOUSLY, they flew back into Canada rather than U.S.

rebeckspe said...

This is Proof that People Suck.