Friday, June 1, 2007

Denver wiki

Still waiting to hear how the big 24 hour virtual think off thing went IC. (It's okay if you didn't attend. I didn't.)

But in case any crafters want to wiki, here is a site that needs some content on our beloved city.

I found this while looking for info on then Jack-n-Grill near the airport. (The "review" is more of a rant.) Since J-n-G have had so many attempts at second locations, I am nervous to plan to go to any of them without confirmation in a 3 day window that they are still open.


InfoChef said...

And were you able to find another source pertaining to the airport JnG?

Didn't know you were waiting on the virtual universe report. Here it is: I tried several times during the day to watch the video interviews, and I dumbly confess I had no idea what they were talking about. It was a marketing attempt that worked--talk about improving the universe, and suck people into the vortex of how business objects can be the Answer. Please, don't fall in this one!!

And, I'm thinking since we can barely maintain our own blog that editing someone else's public use wiki is not going to happen. Hope you have better things to do, to, like replanting all of your vegetables and seeds after the hailstorm.

codown2earth said...

I prefer the Darwin approach to gardening. I do not fear that my mint, taragon, & poppies will take over. I welcome & encourage their survival.

codown2earth said...

IC- no good info on JnG. Emailing you for details you may have.