Saturday, June 2, 2007

Big Love

Select Delta flights now have entertainment units in each seat complete with HBO series- including Big Love. (I am sure you can get it through the fancy inter-library loan, too.)

New season starts June 11th. It will be waiting on On Demand for DHP when she comes to stay with 2 goofadors & a mostly golden in august. =)


InfoChef said...

Picked up the first season set today from the trusty AARL branch.

Totally on faith, as I have no idea nor does the cover reveal any secrets of the plotline.

InfoChef said...

Reporting back: Can you really have an entire show about polygamists?! The premise is absolutely hysterical---only in America, right?

After two episodes, I can only hope that the plot evolves beyond which wife Bill will have sex (or not, as the case may be) with tonight.

codown2earth said...

The plot moves out of the bedroom.

InfoChef said...

But library borrowers, beware--the First Season boxed set contains about 14 episodes, and only the most dedicated watcher could view in a week's time.

I'll be back on the wait list so I can see episodes 6 and beyond after vacation.