Monday, June 4, 2007

Coastal Fields Free Classes

June 9 at 4pm: Nutrition...Learn how to feed yourself and those you love healthier, tastier, and cheaper! You are never to young or old to learn how to eat well. We'll send you home with plenty of tips, ideas, and recipes to try out! Location: 12441 West 75th Avenue, Arvada

June 23 at 4pm: Identifying and Collecting Wild (and not so wild) Plants... Did you know that many of the "weeds" in your garden and yard are actually edible, tasty and nutritious? Come to this series to learn how to identify which plants are safe to eat and delicious too! Many of the native species are even healthier than their domesticated cousins. We will teach you about the culinary history of the plants, what nutritional value they have, and how to prepare them in your kitchen. Tasting is encouraged! Location: 12441 West 75th Avenue, Arvada

June 24 at 4pm (ages 2-7) and 5pm (ages 8 through adult): What Can I Do? Climate change, poverty, endangered species, and other problems facing our world today affect everyone, and there is so much that anyone, young and old, can do to help! Come learn and discuss with Coastalfields as we develop solutions that every person can do with minimal effort. Location: 4965 Eldridge St, Golden

More information about these and future events can be found at


InfoChef said...

Are you a Coastalfields customer now?

We just ordered our summer's worth of $5/dozen eggs from Eastern Plains Natural Food Co-op
which delivers to our CSA pickup, if anyone wants to order natural poultry or eggs, you can check out their list online and let me know to tack something on to our order.

codown2earth said...

I am a costalfields email list member now. Customer? Not yet but the farm stand in Arvada isn't too far away. And as CLC will tell you, I am in Arvada all the time. Like this weekend when I ran into HollarbackGirl + 1 & CLC + Dad in the Lowe's garden section.