Sunday, June 17, 2007

Totally Delinquent

Ok, was gone for two and a half weeks and then it took me some time to get back into the swing of things (plus I went to Buena Vista last week for some camping, hiking and kayaking). The photos of all my adventures can be found here. If you go to the sets on the right, they are nicely chronicled for you. Argentina completely rocked and I’m willing to tell the stories in person. We did make an excursion to the race track in Palermo, BA where Team Hot Pants bet on a horse based on mojo and jockey colors (black white and red of course) and won. Wine-tasted and nearly froze to death in Tupungato. Stared at the Aconcaqua, danced with the hot boys in Buenos Aires, and contemplated ending it all in Iguazu Falls. Epoch.

My new favorite coffee house in Denver is City O’ City, where I am currently drinking beer and eating the most kick-ass humus pizza. Down-side . . . no bloody air conditioning! Upside, excellent food and beer, and free wi-fi. Oh, and good music. Damn, they really need an air conditioner. I’d spend all my time here.

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codown2earth said...

Didn't it have AC before when it was Watercourse? Do they have a full bar? And do they serve the Watercourse Bloody Mary? (Which new Watercourse doesn't serve b/c they only have a beer & wine bar.)