Saturday, July 14, 2007

Denver's Worst Restaurants

I'm starting a list that needs your contributions. I've been to food places all over the spectrum (if you know the company I keep, you know the truth of which I speak) and, honestly, there are very few places that are on my 'never return' list.

But in order to save my friends from having to waste time and money at a restaurant that's on the 'to try' list (knowing that after you live here so long, and if you eat out as a hobby, they are ALL on that list, really), I'm starting this list and would appreciate you returning the favor.

So here it is--UPDATED--without editorial comment, in my case...Denver's Top Worst Restaurants:
1. Valente's
2. Hops
3. NY Deli News
4. Subway (Italian on 38th)
5. 8 rivers
6. Las Margaritas
7. Hamburger Mary's

And your nominees are......


codown2earth said...

Our never go back list includes:

8 Rivers

Subway- not the sub shop but a "family owned" italian spot on 38th Ave

rebeckspe said...

At first I hated 8 Rivers only b/c it is the space of my beloved Poggio's (RIP). But after reading the menu, I was unimpressed. Now, after reading CD2E's rant, I'm officially actively boycotting.

DenverHotPants said...

I'm so sad to have to do this, but . . . Tommy's Thai. The food has seriously gone down-hill and there seems to be no temperature control inside the restaurant. Skip it and go to an ethnic joint on Federal. Even Swing Thai beats it now.

InfoChef said...

Need thai? Head a little north to Chada Thai on 17th/Race (formerly Cafe Berlin or Dario's).

YUMMM! Everything is homemade and delicious. Operated by relatives of the 'first thai restaurant in Denver' per research.

And Il Posto is to die for...if you have a huge wad of cash you need to get rid of, drive a Lamborghini, or have a tanned bejeweled honey on your arm. Too bad this didn't stay a well-kept secret.

DenverHotPants said...

And in the "I didn't know you could fuck-up mexican food" category . . . Las Margaritas.

waltzeswithdogs said...

Hamburger Mary's.

DenverHotPants said...

What happened to Tommy's Thai? Was I vetoed?

thread killa said...

Forest Room 5 wins the absolute worst service award. If I wanted my drink order to be completely ignored, I would sit on my couch and ask my dog to get a beer from the fridge. At least my dog wags his tail.