Thursday, July 12, 2007


Review of the sunflower market on rebeckspe's blog.

North Denver News loves fruition on 6th. (This is the same reviewer who went to the wrong location of Lola- a year after it had moved- to our hood.) Any other Crafters have thoughts on this spot? I am not sure how JeepBoy friendly it is with all the duck fat and red meat.

At the Mondo Vino Tasting Bar this weekend: Organic wines from Chile (Friday 2- 7 ) and sweet wines (Saturday 2 - 7).

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rebeckspe said...

I have not been to fruition, but I've heard good things from other more reliable sources than the North Denver News. I make it a rule not to read or consider the reviews in that paper. And I use the term "paper" loosely.