Wednesday, July 25, 2007

RW Syndrome

I have a new ailment; do you?
RW Syndrome--also known as Raw Wrist Syndrome:
Experienced in high temperature environments by laptop users who do not have a separate keyboard; the syndrome occurs from wrists resting on the laptop case while reaching the keys while slight perspiration and continual contact cause the wrist and forearm areas to become sensitive to the touch and experience pain when peeling away skin from plastic or metal similar to summertime vinyl car seat syndrome.
It can be alleviated by the use of an external keyboard, typing with wrists in the air, using the laptop in a cooler environment, wearing long sleeves, or inserting a piece of paper between the wrists and the laptop case.  There are undesirable aspects of each of these solutions.  A solution with more effective results is to eliminate all computer use.


Anonymous said...

I heard the funniest descriptor of hot weather today.

Shoegal called me today and declared "Its hotter than a whore in church!"


codown2earth said...

Do you have legs on the back of your laptop? Or a "docking station"? Or even a cookbook (b/c we know they aren't on loan) that you could use to prop the back half of your laptop up at an angle. This will help your resist the urge to rest your wrists on the laptop.