Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Why are we watching this?

Last night we watched two really bad game shows which caused JB & I to turn to each other and ask, "Why are we watching this?"

The first is the Singing Bee on one of the network shows. Participants must pick up singing lyrics after the house band kicks off the song. There seemed to be many rounds with different rules but we didn't stick around long enough to figure them out. There were annoying dancing bees in between the rounds.

The second is the World Series of Pop Culture on MTV. This was bearable only b/c of our friend TIVO and the fast forward through the post elimination interviews. It was kinda scary how many of the answers we knew between the two of us. And even more alarming that one day a question could be asked about something as dumb as the Singing Bee.

(Note: Daily Show & Colbert are on re-runs this week. Havoc on our TV watching patterns!)

Tonight is my favorite reality show, Top Chef, on Bravo (NBC's "gay" cable channel.) Seriously, it really is on my short list of shows.


InfoChef said...

Wow--maybe I should sign up to be a contestant on the World Series of Pop the WORST CONTESTANT EVER!

waltzeswithdogs said...

help - have the daily show and colbert disappeared? They use to come on at 9 PM on comedy central at my house. I see that you say they are on re-runs. But I am not getting even re-runs. Anone know what's up? Is this another attempt to take away the benefits of basic cable and make me buy digital cable?

codown2earth said...

My Tivo is finding re-runs at 12 midnight, 2 am, 11 am, & 5 pm. New shows are back next week. (Guest include Christopher Walken, Matt Groening, & Adam Sandler)

rebeckspe said...

Am i crazy or is there another network with a show like the Singing Bee but without the N'Sync dude and the bee costumes? I was a tad confused.

(Broadcast) TV is sucking, and the fact that Gilmore Girls is over but they keep showing re-runs is just cruel.

That Luke Danes. Meow.

codown2earth said...

Singing Bee is the one witheither NSYNC or BackStreet Boy. But I think there is a similar show too.

I also discovered last night we are actually watching Pop Culture on VH1 not MTV. Damn, we are old. We are now the VH1 audience.