Friday, August 17, 2007

Decent food.. silly slogan

I have just returned from a quick trip to Sunflower Market which I still can't love as much as I feel I should. The slogan (Serious Food.. Silly Prices) is too cutes-y. Whenever I see the "silly price" signs in the store, I cringe involuntarily. Also, they need to teach their staff to bag groceries. I grouped everything by produce, cold, room temp and yet somehow my sushi ended up in a bag with dog treats, grape seed oil, and 3 of the 5 ears of corn I bought. WTF. (BTW, I am not a person who cares about dog treats touching human food. It is just another room temperature item in my book.)

Friday @ 11:30 does appear to be an excellent time to visit. There was a full crew stocking but they were far enough along in their weekend prep that I didn't have to ask for them to pull a cucumber out of the box or anything. (As an alternative, InfoChef has pointed out that all their sales run from Wed-to-Wed so if you shop on Wednesday you benefit from 2 weeks of sales.) Note to RSpe, CLC, DHP, & other single gals- a granola hottie tried to pick me up in organic produce until I waved my left hand.

I am very happy with my brown rice sushi lunch. (Yes, I realize it is odd that I will not buy chicken or fish there but I will buy sushi.) The produce prices are excellent. I found tomatoes that smelled like tomatoes. /Why am I buying them you ask? The damn tree rats (squirrels) are eating all of our tomatoes. / This month's taste for life store magazine (which can't be on recycled paper- too slick) includes a $1 off any one box of Kashi TLC Snacks coupon on p.7.

As with
Vitamin Cottage, one of my biggest Sunflower Market issues is it is hard to do all your shopping there for a week. Even if I get over my fear of their meat counter, I have trouble paying $5 for a box of cereal. It cancels out the savings on $1 yellow & red bell peppers. While I may be able to justify the extra 20 cents on Lara Bars since I am saving 10 cents a piece on Yogurt, it is much harder to swallow the extra $8 on dog food- even though dog treats are a $1 less. It is really annoying to have to go to Safeway or King Soopers to get club soda but I think even Mondo Vino charges less for fizzy damn water than WF, WO, VC, or SFM. Club Soda should not cost the same per oz as a microbrew. That is ridiculous.

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PS. Crafters- especially DHP- should NOT go to SF on Saturday. There is a back to school tasting fair for children in the store.

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rebeckspe said...

Good post, CD2E:

The Sabretts I bought at SFM on Tuesday were spoiled. How the hell can precooked hot dogs spoil?? (the company is sending me a refund)

I feel like no one gives a shit at SFM who works there (other than tall hot tattooed manager named Igor). The bagging is especially bad, as you mention. I do my own bagging and shoo them away.

But again, its only 10 blocks from my house, so I know I'll be there again.