Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I forgot to put on deodorant, and other reasons I shouldn’t have left the house today.

1. My favorite chain burrito place, Moe’s, is closed!
2. It turned out that the person in line with the appalling BO was me.
3. I came *this* close to having a very bad accident and left half the rubber from my tires at the intersection of 13th & Broadway.
4. The cute boy next to me at the self-check at Queen Soopers smiled at me then judged my purchases (cat litter, ice cream, and diet coke) before walking away. (Yes, I know that those purchases scream I’m single and have given up.)

I can’t win today.


rebeckspe said...

I made the mistake of buying eco-friendly Kiss My Face deodorant at the Sunflower Market last week, and realized that despite 7 applications a day, I still smelled like a truck driver.

Stupid tree hugger toiletries.

codown2earth said...

There are Moe's on every corner of Snotlanta. I still prefer the home-grown original- Chipotle. I know that others have more sauces or complicated prep choices, but that just seems to give the person in front of me in line an excuse to linger at the menu board.

Bloomberg? icky. Now as you know, I do support Tancrazy running as a 3rd party candidate. Let all the hateful brown-skin-fearing asses waste their votes and lawn sign space.

DenverHotPants said...

I never thought I would be jealous of Snotlanda. Moes kicks Chipotle's ass. The meat is much higher quality and people can at least pronounce the name of the joint properly. I served Moes to all my campaign volunteers who raved. I'm so so sad they are gone from Denver.