Monday, August 13, 2007

Little Britain - Watch This!

View some clips
and tell me this isn't funny. Or maybe that now you finally know I do have a sense of humor?! Or maybe you have to watch the know where to go...

Speaking of libraries, did you know we have our own 24-hour live version of Google? It's called AskColorado and should come in handy for those burning late night questions, such as 'How do you play Hi-Lo?', what is the proper way to light a cigar, and how to cure or prevent a hangover.


DenverHotPants said...

I didn't find the hilarity, or maybe I just needed subtitles.

DenverHotPants said...

I used AskColorado for the first time today. My question was "What are the voter registration ID requirements for Colorado and how do they differ from the federal HAVA requirements? The answer? Well, they sent me to a HAVA Q&A puff page on the SOS website. It answered neither of my questions.

Here's my new question. How much do these so-called librarians get paid, and how do I get a job being one of them?

InfoChef said...

Call back.
Librarians don't KNOW everything, they just know how to look for the answers. And you didn't get the info you were looking for, so they need to keep searching.

Certified librarians must have a masters' degree. I'm not sure if they are as well-paid as lobbyists or not.