Sunday, September 30, 2007

Cheese (Recipe) of the Week

Fried cheese; what's not to love?

If you, like I, have put off making stuffed zucchini blossoms for various and sundry reasons, it's time to move them to the top of the list....the timing is right to kill off the onslaught of squash, the season is superb for fried cheese, and what's not to love about a taste of fall with warm goat cheese?!

Yes, I made the full-on recipe, but a little research says you can just bread and fry the plain blossoms, which I would now recommend, too, or put a piece or spoonful of cheese inside without getting fancy. I used Capricho de Cabra, a Spanish goat cheese (read a review). I also skillet-toasted some yellow pear tomatoes to add to the filling along with the toasted pepitas and fresh purple basil.

To round out the green & beige plate, I served with garofalo pasta tossed with garlic and shallot olive oil, and radish cakes--my find of the summer which is best desribed as latkes made with radish greens instead of potatoes.


rebeckspe said...

i'm hip to these stuffed blossoms but i have to call foul on the radish cakes.

i dare you to make them both for me and make me literally eat my words.


codown2earth said...

I tried to grow squash a few years ago for the blossoms but damn if those tree rats (aka, squirrels) didn't eat the damn things before we got to enjoy one. Tree rats took to eating my tomatoes this year while they were still green. Bold Bastards!