Friday, September 28, 2007

Fact of the Day

Cumulative stats on world population:


Anonymous said...

What kind of lunatic right-wing statistics are these people using?! They are counting down abortion at more than 1 per second, and I'm sure CD2E might have insight on some of the disease death rates. Conservative figures from thier own sources estimate 3 abortions per minute. World Health Organization at one every 3 minutes. This "clock" is clearly a tool designed to create fear and turn people to god. Boooooooooo!

Here is a counter based on stats from the World Health Organization (rather than the bible thumpers).

rebeckspe said...

Rawk on, DHP. Callin' out all the kooks.

Anonymous said...

I'm suddenly reminded of the relationship between the average global temperature to the number of pirates.

codown2earth said...

The Probability of Developing Invasive Cancers from Birth to Death in the US, 2001- 2003 (from 2007 Cancer Facts & Figures):

Male 45.31% (1 in 2)
Female 37.86% (1 in 3)

This clock has 4 Abortions happening for each 1 Cancer Incidence. If this is a "Mash-Up", I am not a fan. Garbage in- Gospel out.