Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Do-Not-Mail-Me List

In reviewing my GreenDimes do-not-mail-me list today I realized that the junk-mail powers-that-be have me pegged for an over-aged stripper with a weight problem and orthotic shoes. Geez, you buy one size 16 bathing suit from a catalog and they are out to get you! I've had to unsubscribe from Newport News, Victoria's Secret, Spanx (ok, I like those), La Redoute, Aerosoles, and this list actually gets more embarassing from there. What my letter carrier must think of me!


InfoChef said...

Evidently, you are a closet shopper, too--along with cooking!

DenverHotPants said...

No. Not at all. They just mail you these things unsolicited. I've never bought anything from any of these catalogs. But once you are on their hit list you have to find a service to get you off. Seriously I get at least one catalog a day. I don't have that kind of cash flow.