Monday, October 8, 2007

Middle Eastern Travel Recommendations?

I’m headed to UAE next month….a belated, yet-unplanned vacation with My Very Own Martha. We’re off to visit a friend serving as a year-long mentor to an elementary school principal.

She lives in Sharjah, and we’ll be close to Dubai. We’ll drive to Oman one weekend.

My other goals are to do a European plane change layover and visit another Middle Eastern country.
Any suggestions?

You can follow our trip planning at TripIt
a cool new tool I’ve found that keeps all your bookings and where you can enter notes, photos and links as well as store your confirmations and maps.


rebeckspe said...

Girl, you crazy. Is your terrorism insurance paid up?

codown2earth said...

RE: Martha I was TV flipping the other day & got sucked into Jessica Seinfield (as in wife of) on Oprah... during the show there was a teaser about an upcoming show where the other Martha's daughter was going to be discussing the 28k a month that she & Martha are spending on getting Alexis prego. Thank goodness your very own Martha is not asking you to give yourself shots in the belly every morning.

RE: Travel I have no advice for your upcoming trip but I am trying to use TripIt. Time will tell if I take the extra step to email a confirmation from the airline site (b/c my travel booking engine is not supported.) But as my TripIt friend you will be able to track my user adoption progress. Also, I left you a vm that Frontier is having a Mexico sale until Oct 11.

rebeckspe said...

I saw that Oprah. I liked it until I realized it was Jessica Seinfeld, and I thought she was "just another creative housewife".

Alexis trying to get prego would be more interesting and sympathetic if she weren't the most abrasive person ever (actually makes her mother look warm and fuzzy).

DenverHotPants said...

Oddly, I have actually been to Dubai. But it was the early 80's and I don't really remeber much other than very nice beaches. My dad spends quite a bit of time in Qatar which he seems to like. That's all I have.