Monday, October 8, 2007

Queso Fresco, what's the point?

Ok, lovers of Rick Bayless, can someone please explain to me the appeal (or need for) queso fresco? It seemingly has no taste, yet has many more calories than, say, tofu. And it is packed in a liquid that smells like ass. Still, Cooking Light and Rick Bayless seem to swear by the stuff. Help me out. I have 6 oz left.

Also, I'm loving this low-brow recipe website. Especially since they have a hearty emphasis on cocktails and comfort food.


InfoChef said...

Agh, blasphemy!

QF or 'fresh cheese' is the staple Mexican topping cheese--dispense with shredded cheddar, all you gringos!! On soups, tacos, salads....

Now about the quality of the QF you have--I'm not sure of any QF packed in a liquid, although it is the Mexican version of feta, ricotta, or cottage cheese--simple, easy to make (if you lived 100 years ago)--but it is, like its peers of different nationalities, a great stuffing cheese, too. Name a food you like. Stuff it, bake it--mmmm!

Or here's an easy taco recipe--saute some chopped onions, tomatoes, and gas-burner roasted chiles, then add some fall zucchini and/or corn and simmer. Fill corn tortillas and top with....queso fresco!

codown2earth said...

The Queso Fresco that I buy doesn't have liquid either. Of course now that the Avanza in Lakeside closed, I usually just sub Feta cheese. The Chow site is cute and it looks like they don't use any annoying phrases like foodie so I will add to links on the sidebar.