Thursday, November 1, 2007

Argonaut shoppers alert

Don't go to Argonaut on Thursday mornings. I'm not sure if it is just the first Thursday of the month, or Thursday in general, but I went at 10:10 this morning and the joint was filled with nursing home residents. I fully expected to see an RTD shoppers ride out front. I think they cleaned the place out of Cutty Sark. Handle bottles. It took me 15 minutes to check out. I have never seen so many price checks or checks being written at one time. It drove me to the point of insanity and I almost came home and opened freshly purchased bottle of wine. Almost.


rebeckspe said...

So relieved to hear I'm not the only person (or crafter) to shop at the liquor store before Noon.

Except my early mornings are usually after a dog park romp at 8am on Saturday at CD2E's nemesis: The AppleJack!

codown2earth said...

I do not understand checkbooks in 2007. HEL-LOW!

Anonymous said...

Word up to CD2E. Rspe and SNG take note!