Thursday, November 1, 2007

Bargain Shoppers Tip

Bargain bonanza and super selection at the 38th (okay, about at 40th) and Wadsworth BIG LOTS


Huge store with good makeup & skin products, furniture, 90% off shelf and MORE.  

If you live in town, your experience with Big Lots may be with the 1st and Broadway store which couldn’t hold a candle to this one.

And, if you live in town, I know you’re also not likely to visit this part of town unless you’re dining at Red Tango (see below).


ChristianLiberalChick said...

It's been there a even used to be nice inside. The prices are still great...I found Tom's of Maine tooth paste there 1/2 price. Gift bags...50 cent (and I don't mean the rapper - ha ha ha). And it's REALLY not that far from places fellow bloggers could visit.

codown2earth said...

Be warned that the Ross next door is awful. I have gotten flatware and misc party theme items at that Big Lots but I have also seen alot of junk. The post office is good for holiday packages- shorter lines than downtown & no parking issues. The fabric store is decent and it is just down the hill from the place that DHP & I have gotten pedicures in the past. However, now that Lakeside Target is gone- Edgewater is my new go-to spot.