Tuesday, November 27, 2007

In another's words...

We have been using slacker radio lately for smaller functions (Having DHP & Rspe over for cocktails? Try The Shins channel) but we still have a fondness at our house for crazy party music mixes. Most everything has been imported into iTunes now including all the tunes downloaded from questionable sources during a wedding prep procrastination (drunk)evening. And no crazy party music mix is complete without a few odd ball covers. I have recently downloaded a few via iTunes to freshen up the mix: Cortez the Killer- Matthew Sweet, Ripple- Jane's Addiction, & Nightswimming- Dashboard Confessional.

Would you buy a book of the To Do list of a Florida schoolteacher who wants to lose 92 pounds to a young Mormon looking for his ideal mate? This seems a candidate for InfoChef's "Why didn't we think of that" list. to do list blog

The same person wrote quirky alone: a manifesto for uncompromising romantics. The definition of quirkyalone seems to fit with many crafters:

"Quirkyalone: noun/adj. A person who enjoys being single (but is not opposed to
being in a relationship) and generally prefers to be alone rather than dating
for the sake of being in a couple. With unique traits and an optimistic spirit;
a sensibility that transcends relationship status. See also quirkytogether,
perkytogether, quirkyslut."

"Perkytogethers: Ahhh, the perkytogethers—the quirkyalone's natural opposite. While there are many people whom quirkyalones can respectfully recognize as not sharing their worldview, perkytogethers impose coupledom on everyone. They are the tyranny of coupledom."

"Quirkytogether: The state of being that results when a quirkyalone enters a long-term romantic relationship."

"Quirkyslut: One who maintains high standards for a romantic relationship, but becomes more flexible for the Saturday (or even Tuesday) night encounter."


DenverHotPants said...

My 'To Do' list for today scares me. It includes names of people I need to contact, my mom's B-day reminder (today), blog talking points, ipod downloads, and wine glass stains. I took a photo that I'll publish if others will too.

DenverHotPants said...

And, I'm not sure if I'm willing to take 'to do list' advice from a woman with a fem-mullet. A blog talking point I referred to from my list.

Also, I love the relationship definitions. Luckily all the crafters fit into the quirkyalone/quirkytogether category . . . otherwise I would have to write you all off. I'm hoping that I fall into the quirkyalone category rather than the quirkyslut category. Fingers (rather than legs) crossed.