Sunday, December 9, 2007

No Scheduled Recordings

The DVR schedule is almost empty so I can't even imagine how bleak things are getting for the un-cabled. I read somewhere that COPS was a result of the last writers strike. Granted December is often filled with re-runs and Rudolph's nose so bright but knowing that things will be going downhill quickly in the new year makes it all the more bitter.

For out of bed /off the couch viewing...

Across The Universe is now playing at Neighborhood Flix. We saw this one earlier in the year out in Texlahoma (burbs). Beatles-lovin' JeepBoy & I give it two thumbs up. I didn't include a link to IMDB or Wikipedia on this movie because I think some of the magic would be lost if you knew too much of what to expect.

For those building up a Netflix/Library list...

Last weekend we watched Year of the Dog (from Red Box at our neighborhood Safeway) and I want someone to eat cheese with (IFC On Demand). Both movies have potential. Both movies disappointed. They both get one Fudge Striped Cookie a piece. Beware.

If you like Pushing Daisies (and if you don't- seriously? how are we friends?), you may like Wonderfalls. Less beautiful. As Quirky.

I am not sure if Iconoclasts is available on DVD or only on iTunes. This is really an interesting series that I think you would really enjoy. I think even non-Pop culture IC would know at least 1/2 of each pairing. This series is an example of why al carte cable sounds like a better idea than it would work out to be; If channels were sold stand alone I am certain that ESPN would be like 25 cents and have a billion viewers and the Sundance Channel viewers would have to pay 1k. I always remind myself of that when I have to skip over the pages and pages of Sport TV that we don't watch to check out IFC or Sundance or BBC America.


Anonymous said...

My netflix queue has been re-ordered and filled with tv shows in anticipation of the tv darkness. I just added Wonderfalls. Thanks for the suggestion.

rebeckspe said...

CD2E, you are not alone in your appreciation of Pushing Daisies. It received some Golden Globe nominations this morning.